How to build Strong Jawline like Brad Pitt

Well-balanced Diet Diet is way more important than training when it comes to getting lean. Low Sodium & Low Carbohydrate  & high protein Carbohydrates and sodium soak up water like a sponge. Any diet high in sodium and carbs will cause you to be more bloated than a low/zero carb diet with minimal sodium would. … Read moreHow to build Strong Jawline like Brad Pitt

25 Books Every man should read

Enchiridion of Epictetus The Enchiridion or Manual of Epictetus is a short manual of Stoic ethical advice compiled by Arrian, a 2nd-century disciple of the Greek philosopher Epictetus.   As a Man Thinketh Thoughts are things. We are what we repeatedly think about.  Learn to first create in your mind the life that you want, … Read more25 Books Every man should read

How a man’s dress should fit

Finding the right tailor may be crucial, but there is nothing nearly as significant as sharing a critical eye with the fitting-room mirror. Fortunately for most of us, picking the right fit doesn’t require much natural talent. All that’s required is some quality time with apparel and an attention to detail.   The following serves … Read moreHow a man’s dress should fit

How to buy apparels from USA

Get Started! Let’s get to the point. Here’s how Borderlinx makes international shipping possible no matter where you live. 1. Sign up with Borderlinx Signing up with Borderlinx is free. When you open an account, you’ll instantly get your own US, UK, Hong Kong and German addresses to use at checkout with online retailers. You can … Read moreHow to buy apparels from USA

7 Essentials in a Man’s Wardrobe

Crisp White Cotton Shirt The White shirt is the most versatile piece of clothing in your wardrobe.   Classic Polo Shirt A polo shirt, also known as a golf shirt and tennis shirt, is a form of a shirt with a collar, a placket with typically two or three buttons.     Khaki Chinos University … Read more7 Essentials in a Man’s Wardrobe

15 watches featured in movies

Movie Watches of All Time I find Rolex, Seiko, Omega, Casio & Hamilton are the popular choice of Art Directors. Lets check out some of the iconic watches featured in movies.   Rolex Date Just:American Psycho   Rolex Day Date: Glengarry Glen Ross   Omega Constellation: Scarface   Jaeger Le-Coultre Reverso:    Heur Monaco: Le Mans … Read more15 watches featured in movies

25 Independent Watch Makers

1. Andreas Strehler – An independent Swiss watchmaker who began restoring clocks and antique watches in 1995. In 2014, Andreas Strehler became a Guinness world record holder by building the most precise moon phase indication in a wristwatch. 2. Antoine Preziuso – Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Antoine Preziuso creates original, highly complicated watches. While some watches are commissioned by luxury watch brands, … Read more25 Independent Watch Makers