Pomade vs Clay

Pomade — Medium Hold & High Shine

Originally produced from mineral oil, pomades are designed to showcase your own hair in a neat, glossy manner. They work exceptionally well with combed hairstyles.

Unlike dyes — pomades don’t make your hair dry, hard or lumpy. You can style your hair at any stage during the day.

Pomades can be broken down into two main categories…

Oil-based pomades are made from grease or oil, making it an inexpensive choice compared to water-based pomades. Wash out oil-based pomades will also strip the natural oils in your hair, leaving it looking very unhealthy. They are also able to clog the pores from the scalp — leading to unwanted buildup and acne.
Water-based pomades deliver comparable retains and beams to oil-based pomades, but they wash out easily with water. Water-based pomades might not provide holds as business as the oil-based type, however they maintain flexibility and may be restyled throughout the day.
They vary from light-medium into light-hard grip and are utilized for slicking, specifying and grouping/chunking anything from wavy to straight hair.

Clay — Top Hold & Low Shine

Clay makes your hair feel fuller with adding thickness and body to the person strands. Its lightweight formula is readily absorbed into the hair without leaving any residue.

Hair clays are perfect for hairstyles that need volume without getting the product weigh down your hair.

Using hair clay merchandise offers some benefits:

Clay will draw out dirt and impurities without drying the hair of its natural oils.
It nourishes the hair and scalp because it is full of nutrients and mineral.
Clay controls and keeps frizzy hair — an important requirement for men with curly or longer hair.
Clay provides a matte to semi-matte texture and provides your hair mild to high hold.

Paste Moderate Hold & Medium Shine

Hair pastes are likely the most versatile men’s hair goods and may be used for any hairstyle. They are normally water-based — thus washing out them is simple.Rubbing thicker hair glue between your palms will soften the item, allowing distribution through your hair. As soon as your hair is styled, the item will start to cool and re-thicken — supplying the grip your hair wants.Pastes provides your hair shine and versatility. They also add texture and volume if additional before blow drying.A hair glue usually provides your hair a moderate to very firm grip and will leave your hair with some shine.

Gel — High Hold & High Shine

Hair removal is the most widely used hair styling product for men. It’s safe to say that virtually every guy has tried using hair gel in some point in his lifetime.

Gels come in varying hold strengths from light to strong — giving hair a sculpt hold that will not budge all day.

The extreme hold of using hair gel comes at a cost:

Flaking or residue as a consequence of running your hands through your gelled hair.
Excessive drying and hair damage on account of the kind of alcohols that are utilized to help the gel tender.
Compounds is stripped in the hair and scalp because of the chemicals used — leading in dandruff and itchy scalps.
Hair becomes brittle over the years and susceptible to breakage.
Hair turns more watertight — which makes it dry, coarse, limp and unmanageable in its own normal state.
No flexibility to style your hair through the day.
A strong-hold gel gives a stiff hairstyle. A milder gel makes your hair more manageable and emphasizes waviness. In general — gels offer a high shine


Mousse — Use For Volume

Most men have a tendency to shy away from hair mousse. Maybe because it reminds them of the crunchy hairstyles of their 80’s.

Mousse is designed to add light hold, shine and body to your hair.

It is foamy and encircles the hair strand using chemical compounds called polymers, causing a fuller appearance. Even though men may not be pursuing that thick appearance, a few mousses are especially formulated to thicken fine hair with representatives like rice and rosemary making it perfect for foliage that’s beginning to lean up top.

Applying mousse in the hair roots and blow drying out of the roots outward is key to achieving massive volume.

Employing mousse with this method works well for all hair types. Unlike hair gel, if you disturb the crunchy hair you won’t be left with residue and scents.

Use mousse to acquire the first volume — then use the following item, like a hair adhesive, to better shape and define the hairstyle.


Hair Serum — Low Hold & High Shine

Also known as cherry, polish or smoothing fluid, it’s a slick consistency and is used to reduce frizz and impart silkiness and sheen with silicone and various oils.

Use serum on long, brittle or curled hair its coating mechanism can soften the hairfollicles. To get a fast shine fix, place a few drops on moist shampooed hair and then rinse it out.

For men with longer hair, a serum can be used to control frizz and fly-aways by massaging the hair and providing a silky smoothness.

Most men will never use a serum due to this program, but may be used to add a quick glossy finish using a little bit after your hair is towel dried.

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