Best Men’s Hair Styling Products

Whether you’re looking for a product to help style your hair, maintain it, or give it a little extra staying power, there are plenty of options out there. But it’s not just about choosing one that’ll work well for you; it’s also important to consider how your hair will react when using different products.

Regardless of your hair type, you’ll want to select the best men’s hair styling products for your particular needs. Those with thinning or thin hair will need to find a product that’s going to provide more hold than something designed for thicker or curlier hair, while guys with longer hair might prefer a more subtle shine to their finished styles.

The best men’s hair styling products will provide you with the ability to recreate your favorite styles at home, without the need for a professional haircut. But just as importantly, they will give you the tools to help fine-tune your mane and create the kind of look that you want.

1. The Best Men’s Hair Paste

If you want to add a touch of texture to your hair with minimum effort, a good paste will do the trick. You’ll get a decent hold and gentle shine with this simple product, which is suitable for both long and short hair.

2. The Best Men’s Hair Pomade

Another great option for guys with thick or wavy hair is a pomade. You can find both oil- and water-based versions to suit your needs, but oil-based pomades offer the strongest hold. They can be difficult to wash out, so be sure to choose a water-based formula if you’re worried about the potential for residue buildup.

3. The Best Men’s Hair Mousse

Mousse is a solid choice for guys with longer hair who don’t like to spend much time in the bathroom or at the barbershop. It’s easy to apply, and it can smooth out any unruly or frizzy hair without a lot of fuss.

4. The Best Men’s Hair Gel

A firm hold hair gel can be used to style any type of mane, including straight or wavy locks. It can be applied to dry or damp hair for a smooth, matte finish and will help your style last all day.

5. The Best Men’s Hair Mousse Plus Styling Cream

If you’re looking for a versatile styling option that’ll do it all, try this cream from Fatboy. It’s formulated to tame flyaways, add volume, and tame that frizz while protecting your hair from the elements.

6. The Best Men’s Hair Serum

Often overlooked by most guys, a serum can be a valuable addition to your hair care arsenal. This is especially true if you have dry or damaged hair, as it can help to hydrate and protect your hair from the elements.

7. The Best Men’s Clay Shampoo and Conditioner

If your hair is a bit dull and tangled, you may want to invest in a shampoo and conditioner that can help to keep your mane in top condition. A sulfate-free shampoo can help to restore and rehydrate your hair, while a conditioning shampoo is perfect for taming frizz and restoring a natural glow.

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