Hair Color Options For Men

There are lots of reasons to color hair for men. Maybe you want lighter hair, darker hair, or brighter hair or maybe you just want to cover grays. There is a range of hair color options for men including semi-permanent, permanent, natural, and shampoo-in dyes.

Made for men hair colors tend to be easier to use and semi-permanent, so they wash out without showing roots. There is no reason not to use women’s hair dye though. There is more color selection, formulas, and price points. The point is finding the best option for you.

When it comes to coloring hair, there are more options than all-over color. Choose one bold streak or multiple streaks or color just the top while leaving the sides and back natural. Hair can be one color or many. Check out some tips and pictures below.

Gray Hair Color for Men

One of the most common reasons that men use hair color is cover grays. If you want to dye your hair gray or silver, that process is similar to going blonde. When covering grays, a subtle change is less obvious. Build color over time to get coverage without all the questions.

The easiest way to cover grays is with a color depositing shampoo like the plant-based Aveda Black Malva Shampoo to add cool tones to dark hair. Just for Men Control GX Gray Reducing Shampoo is another option with additional formulas with conditioner, anti-dandruff, and beard shampoo and lighter hair from blonde to medium brown.

For longer laster coverage, try one of the Just for Men products meant for that purpose.

For Men AutoStop Men’s Hair Color is one of the easiest to use hair dyes for men with a no-mix, comb-in color that stops developing after 10 minutes so it can’t get too dark. However, make sure to choose a color close to your current hair color from the 10 available colors. When in doubt, go lighter first.

Reviewers report that the dye can be used for multiple applications for short hair. This dye grows out with hair so re-apply when you notice roots so it can last up to 8 weeks.

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