Modern Pompadour Haircuts

The pompadour haircut is one of the most popular and enduring looks for men. This stylish and timeless hairstyle flatters almost all hair types and face shapes with plenty of volume and a distinct profile.

That classic shape can be combined with current men’s hair trends. Some of this year’s hot looks include piecey texture, taper haircuts, updates spikes and bold, look-at-me styles. Other ways to update the classic pomp is with a matte finish, short hair and adding a fade.

These modern pompadours require modern styling products. While many guys continue to use retro grease pomades for an authentic vintage look, modern pomps have more height, texture, and a matte finish. Look for fiber or clay pomades that have superior hold, no shine and can be restyled just like an oil-based pomade.

Now check out almost 30 different ways to wear modern pomades. These fresh styles can make fine or thin hair appear fuller with volume and texture as well as tame the thickest hair. These pomps can be styled with short hair as well as medium length locks.

1. Modern Pompadour Haircuts

Texture is 0ne of this year’s top hair trends. Add some to your pomp by combing your pomp with fingers, pinching small pieces of hair together, or using a wide tooth comb for evenly spaced separation. Play with different variations on the look. It’s even better to look slightly different every day. Look for pomades that enhance texture to get the look with minimal effort.

2. Matte Pompadour Haircuts

The name greaser came from the hair grease used to style pompadours and their shiny finish. The easiest way to get a modern look to your pomp is to use a matte hair product. Types of pomades that combine ultimate hold with a matte finish are fibers, clays, and some water-based pomades.

Try Reuzel Fiber for the strongest hold for even the thickest hair with a tobacco-vanilla scent and no shine. For added texture or to beef up fine hair, try a clay pomade like Baxter of California Clay.

Blind Barber 90 Proof Pomade is another popular low shine option that can be used to style classic pomps with modern texture. For a cheap drugstore matte pomade, Old Spice Pomade rings in under $10.

3. Edgy Pompadour Haircuts

These edgy pompadours take liberties with the retro style while holding onto that classic pompadour shape. Take a heavy textured crop and work up into a pomp-shaped quiff. Or add a side part to a matte, textured modern pomp. Use oversized texture to create that pomp shape. And last but not least is the pompadour mohawk aka the pomp hawk. It’s a pompadour with undercut sides and a strip of hair down the back.

All of these looks happen to be pomp fades with the addition of a shaved line. Use a straight line in contrast to the pompadour or a curved line that follows the arc of a crop fade down the back. Another option is a hard part that is shaved in.

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