Best Hair Styling Sprays

A good hair spray can help you get the look you want without spending a fortune on salon visits. It’s a versatile, go-to product that’s used daily by millions of women around the world. There are many types of hair sprays available on the market, including light hold / regular sprays, volumising sprays, and finishing sprays, so it’s important to choose the right one for your hair type.

Volumising Sprays – These are perfect for thicker, coarser hair that needs extra volume to tame frizz and flyaways. They’re also great for adding texture to your hair, so they’re a good option for those who like to add waves or curls.

Finishing Sprays – These are the last step in styling your hair, so they can be used on both damp and dry hair. They provide a strong hold and are a great way to secure your style for the day.

They’re also good for taming flyaways or creating a polished finish on any type of hairstyle. They can be used to reshape your hair part, make curls more manageable, or even give you a soft shine for an effortless glam look.

Best of the Best: Styling Sprays

The best hair styling sprays are ones that leave your hair looking fresh and frizz-free without leaving behind residue. They’re easy to use, have great staying power, and work for all hair types.

Light/Flexible Hold Hairsprays – These are the best hairsprays for everyday use or when you’re going for a natural-looking, undone look. They are easy to reshape and rework throughout the day, so you can switch up your ‘dos with ease.

This non-aerosol spray from Living Proof is an ideal choice for days when you’re doing multiple styles — it works on damp or dry hair, is lightweight, and won’t flake off. Plus, it’s packed with a blend of ingredients that help to nourish your hair and keep it healthy-looking.

Powder Puff This is a favorite among stylists, who love that it doesn’t flake off and that it offers a firm hold that doesn’t look too hard. It’s also a great pick for guys with thin, medium-length hair who want to add a little more hold to their style.

It’s a cult classic that has never gone out of style. It’s one of the hardest-working hairsprays on the market, but it also doesn’t have a heavy, sticky feel and is a great option for men who like to wear their hair up but don’t want to risk it falling out of their updo.

No-Crunch Formula That’s Super Strong and Flexible – This GH Beauty Lab top-tested, salon-quality hair spray has a firm hold that doesn’t look crunchy or greasy. The formula has a touch of mimosa oil to add shine and flexibility, and it’s sulfate-free so it won’t dry your hair out.

The Best GH Beauty Lab Tested Hair Sprays

We’ve got your back when it comes to the best hair sprays, and we’re sharing our top picks for each occasion. They’re sure to fit your need and make a great addition to your beauty cabinet.

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