Short Haircuts For Men 2019

Short hairstyles are one of the most popular looks for men. They are easy to wear, stylish and suitable for work and play. Here are some of the most popular men’s haircuts and trendy short haircuts for men.

Too look great with a busy and active lifestyle, very short haircuts can be the way to go. These are buzzcuts with details like a fade or line up or both. For black hair, 360 waves are super short and stylish.

For 2019, texture is a major trend that you will see incorporated into new haircuts. That starts with a layered haircut and is enhanced by spiky, messy  styling. Add texture to fine hair with a styling powder or use a clay pomade for thicker hair types. Another hot trend is the textured crop haircut with a hint of fringe. Bangs can be worn straight down, on an angle or cut into a unique shape.

Short haircuts work for all hair types from fine to thick, straight to curly and even thinning hair. Beef up fine or thin hair with texture and volume. Tame thick hair with layers that lighten up hair. Cut hair just long enough to leave some curl. And short haircuts are flattering for balding men because they minimize the difference between thinning areas and fuller hair.

Check out some of our top picks for short haircuts and hairstyles.

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